A Party of Two Becomes a Party of Nine

Our Summer Vacation – Day 5

Deerfield Beach at dawn

I woke up before dawn on Day 5 of our vacation.  It would be a busy day and I needed a good breakfast.  While my wife dozed, I hiked two blocks to a 7-11 and procured a large, dark roast coffee and a bear claw.  From there it was a short walk to the beach to await the sunrise. On the way I passed other insomniac geezers, many accompanied by small dogs.

1300 miles away our son’s family was on a shuttle to the St. Louis airport.  We had transported most of their luggage with us so each of the five of them were only encumbered with a small carry-on.   Our grandkids were already excited about coming to the beach so I imagined the added adventure of boarding an airplane had the needle on the excitement gauge bumping the red line.

St Louis airport

It was our grandkids first time to fly.  It was also their first time to hear the phrase “flight delay”.  Before they boarded their plane in St. Louis an announcement was made that their connecting flight in Atlanta would be delayed 2 hours due to bad weather.

As soon as they were airborne a kid in the row in front of them barfed prodigiously all over himself and his mom.  An unlucky guy who had procured a window seat in the same row managed to avoid the projectile vomit stream but was treated to a full measure of the smell as it began to waft throughout the plane.


Meanwhile, back on Deerfield Beach, I was enjoying a glorious sunrise, along with a optimum dosage of  salt air, sugar, and caffeine

Sunrise over the Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier

It would be a busy day.  As soon as the sun was up, I grabbed a cup of coffee for my wife and headed back to our room.

We would need to pack up from our one-night Airbnb rental, meet up with our grandkids OTHER set of grandparents who were someplace between Orlando and Fort Lauderdale headed south, form a two-car parade to pick up our son’s family at the airport, then, proceed en masse to check into the three bedroom condo I had reserved for the next seven nights in Boca Raton, Fl.

After sleeping in a different bed each night for the past 5 nights, we would now sleep in the same bed for seven consecutive nights.

Throughout the day we received updated ETA’s on our grandkids flight.  2:20 pm eventually ended up being 4:40 pm thanks to Mother Nature’s shennanigans.  Though we were eager to see them, when it comes to air travel and flight delays, rather than getting frustrated, I always recall the wisdom once imparted to me by a hot air balloon pilot:  It’s a lot better to be down here wishing you were up there than up there wishing you were down here.

Next stop: Fort Lauderdale airport





















Puttin’ on a Show at our Airbnb?

Our Summer Vacation – Night 4

When the day starts off with news that a friend has unexpectedly passed away, the odds are pretty good the day has to get better from there.

It did, but it took awhile.

We had 500+ miles to travel to reach our destination.  Traffic was heavy and the weather was uncertain.  It varied between overcast and rain so heavy it was like driving in a car wash.  When the cold rain hit the hot pavement it produced clouds of steam on the interstate that had some drivers stopping in the breakdown lane.

Near Daytona Beach rain pelted our windshield and we decided to stop for lunch.  I missed the exit for Cracker Barrel and ended up at McDonald’s.  Things were tense.  I attributed the missed exit to my navigator.  My navigator disagreed with that assessment.  It was, as the wise King Solomon would advise, “a time to keep silence”.

As we neared our destination, we began to ponder where to stay.  Our first attempt at Airbnb had been a success. Why not try it again?

My wife took to the internet.  “Here is a place in Deerfield Beach that is ‘steps from the beach'”, she said.

The reviews were good.  We booked it.  We have learned there is a big difference between “Ocean-front” and “Ocean-view”.  “Step’s from the beach” turned out to be about a half-block.  We were happy.

Our “Steps from the Beach” room for the night included free parking – not always a given these days.

Any time we spend the night on the road, my wife checks things out carefully.  Security, cleanliness and bedbugs are at the top of her checklist.  On this trip, a new concern popped up.

In the bathroom was a locked door.  In the door was a small hole.

“Do you suppose there’s a camera in there?” my wife asked.  “They could be taking videos of people in the shower!”  That seemed preposterous to me.  Not to my wife.  She stuffed tissue paper in the hole.

On the news the next morning was a story about an Airbnb host who had been caught with a hidden camera positioned toward the bed in his rental unit.

There was enough time and daylight left after we unloaded the car to walk to the beach.  A light rain was falling.  We didn’t care. The clouds parted and the sun broke through.   IMG_0202

A day that started with bad news ended with a beautiful sunset and a cup of frozen custard.

Life goes on.

Hopefully without bedbugs for our sake.

And without pictures of me in the shower popping up on the internet for the sake of humanity.



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